Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2015

2015/02/24 by Tomas Vondra

So ... Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2015, the local PostgreSQL conference, happened about two weeks ago. Now that we collected all the available feedback, it's probably the right time for a short report and sketch of plans for next year.


The first year of Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day (P2D2) happened in 2008, and from the very beginning was organized as a community event for developers - from students of software engineering to people who use PostgreSQL at work.

We've changed the venue a few times, but in most cases we've just moved from one university / faculty to another one, and the same happened this year for capacity reasons. The previous venue at Charles University served us well, but we couldn't stuff more than 120 people in, and we usually reached that limit within a week after opening the registration. The new venue, located at Czech Technical University can handle up to ~180 people, which should be enough for the near future - this year we registered 150 people, but a few more ended on a wait list.

The most obvious change was adding a full day of trainings on February 11 (i.e. the day before the main conference day), similarly to what happens at and various other conferences. The feedback to this is overwhelmingly good, so we're pretty sure we'll preserve this for the next years.

The main conference (on February 12) consisted of 9 talks, not counting the initial "welcome" speech. We had the usual mixture of talks, from a brief talk about features introduced in 9.4, talks about using PostgreSQL in actual projects, to a talk about Bi-Directional Replication.

Although the conference is aimed at local users, and thus the majority of talks is either in Czech or Slovak, every year we invite a few foreign speakers to give talks in english. This year we had the pleasure to welcome Marc Balmer, who gave a talk "Securing your PostgreSQL applications", and Keith Fiske explaining that "When PostgreSQL Can't You Can".

In the early years of the conference we've been getting "too many talks in english" feedback whenever we got more than two talks in english, but judging how well the english talks were rated this year (Marc's talk even made it to "TOP 3"), the times are probably changing and we'll consider inviting more foreign speakers next year. So if you're like to visit Prague in February 2016, watch out for our CfP or ping me at sometime in September.

There were a few more changes, like recording most of the talks (will publish the talks in the future, but as most of them are in Czech ...), but those are mostly invisible to regular attendees. Nevertheless, there's plenty of things to improve in the next year, of course.

None of this would be possible without support from companies sponsoring the event - Avast, 2ndQuadrant, Elos Technologies, GoodData, ASW Systems, OptiSolutions, LinuxBox, mistaCMS and chemcomex.

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